Mithai is synonymous with all festivals, ceremonies, and events in India. We have all grown up celebrating our traditional Indian Festivals and new beginnings with a range of mithai, which is why mithai evokes a sense of nostalgia and is associated with most of our happy memories! 

However, they are also associated with being unhealthy and something that can only be consumed in small quantities, especially for the health conscious. And this is because most mithais in India are made with khoya, milk, butter or ghee, and there’s nothing like consuming dairy to lead to a number of health pitfalls. We at Meethi Kahani have some good news for you! We have made it our mission to deliver all the same taste, flavour and memories to you without any dairy or cruelty in it. 

Meethi Kahani was founded in July 2021 by our CEO Anuradha Sawhney, Ex Head of PETA India. Noticing that there was a dearth of good quality cruelty-free sweets in the market, Anuradha decided to step in and change that. After many months of trial and error, she and her team were finally satisfied with the range of mithai. And Meethi Kahani was born. 

All our mithai are made with the goodness of nuts, seeds, plant-based milks, raw sugar, jaggery, vegan ghee (no we do not use dalda or vanaspati, we make our own ghee using refined coconut oil) and lots of love. Your grandparents can also enjoy this guilt-free indulgence wholeheartedly. We also have a range of entirely sugar-free mithais, sweetened naturally with dates and figs. You can also go a step healthier and try our wide range of laddus’…. Pumpkin seed laddus, Flax seed laddus, Ragi laddus, Oat laddus, Moong laddus, Sunflower seed laddus---you name it, we have a laddu for every occasion from those rich in Omega 3, to those rich is fibre, to those rich in Omega 6, those rich in protein. Our mithai can be made nut-free. You’ll get your sweet fix and part of your fibre requirements too!

You get to choose from a range of traditional Indian mithai with a twist! From Besan Laddus to Motichoor Ladoos, from Pedas and Kaju Katli to Barfis and Paan Mithai – we’ve got all your favourites! 

We are constantly expanding on our range of mithai and working tirelessly to deliver only the best to you all year round. Try our gift boxes of Mixed Mithai to try a little bit of all of them! 

Meethi Kahani stands out among your standard mithai because:

  • We use minimal oil
  • No animal products at all
  • Quality ingredients like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, pistachios, raw sugar, vegan ghee, rose petals, etc.

So craft a sweet story with all your new beginnings by choosing the kindest indulgence by Meethi Kahani. Our vegan mithais not only taste good but will make you feel good on the inside too!