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Craft new memories with the kindest indulgence.

  • We are cruelty-free

    Meethi Kahani is a 100% plant based sweets brand. We don’t use any animal products whatsoever.

  • We are healthier

    Because we skip the dairy, don’t use refined sugar and use rice bran oil, you can indulge more.

  • High-quality Ingredients

    Be it the nuts, seeds, no palm oil, no transfats, no hydrogenated fats ,only raw sugar or rose petals, it’s only the best for you!

Get to know us

Meethi Kahani was founded in July 2021 by our CEO Anuradha Sawhney, Ex Head of PETA India. Noticing that there was a dearth of good quality cruelty-free sweets in the market, Anuradha decided to step in and change that. After many months of trial and error, she and her team were finally satisfied with the range of mithai. And Meethi Kahani was born. At Meethi Kahani, we offer 100% plant based solutions to all your favourite sweet cravings, minus the cruelty but with a lot of health and love.

  • Samiksha Patro - Founder of Yumveda

    When I turned plant based, it was on my mind that I won’t be able to eat my favourite mithai. Thanks to “Meethi Kahani” that I can now be stress free in any festivities and order 100% plant powered mithai. Also my father loved their mithai.

  • Harin Mehta - Software Engineer

    The laddus looked, smelled and tasted so identical to the dairy ones that it would be hard to identify if they are plant based or not. It meets all the expectations one would have from a boondi laddu.

  • Dayan Concessao - Social Media Consultant at Mercy For Animals

    There are very few plant based mithai shops that deliver lip smacking mithai. My favourites at Meethi Kahani are Khoya Paan, Katli Barfi & Chocolate Fudge. These use raw sugar & contain minimal oil, which makes it the kindest indulgence.